28 per cent households face food insecurity

Surkhet, December 11

A study has shown that more than 28 per cent households are at risk of food insecurity in Karnali Province.

According to a preliminary survey conducted in ten districts of the province, seven per cent households are at high risk of food insecurity while 21 per cent face moderate risk.

After the implementation of federalism in the country, the Central Department of Statistics, the Ministry of Agriculture and the World Food Organisation had jointly conducted the survey for the first time in the province.

As per the survey, Kalikot district is most vulnerable to food insecurity. It has 85 per cent impoverished households, of them 55 per cent families are at high risk of food insecurity. Kalikot produces the least amount of food. Experts say that the district has highest number of malnourished children.

According to data, 50 per cent families in Humla, 47 in Mugu, 38 in Dolpa and 41 in Jumla do not even get two square meals a day. Similarly, 34 per cent in Dailekh, 36 in Jajarkot, 32 in Rukum, 34 in Salyan, and 30 per cent in Surkhet are facing food insecurity.