Himalayan News Service

Mahottari, Janauary 2:

Thirty years have passed but the 17-km long Ramjanaki road intended to link Janakpurdham with Matihani Bazaar in Mahottari district is yet to be completed.

People of that locality have no option but to put up with the inconveniences stemming from lack of repairs for such a long period. In addition to the people of the border area in India, those of a dozen VDCs under Mahottari district and half a dozen VDCs under Dhanusha district will benefit from the road if it is completed, Matihani VDC chairman Ram Kumar Mandal said. The government shouldered all responsibilities including its maintenance after local people laid out the road. Now, apart from motorbikes and bicycles no means of transportation ply on it after a massive flood swept away bridges and caused damage at several points in the road last year.

The government has not given priority to the full operation of the road and allocated only nominal budget. According to the Mahottari district technical office, the authorities allocated Rs 400,000/- in the financial year 2058/59; Rs 200,000/- in 2060/61 and Rs 500,000/- in the current year which was spent on levelling the road after rains and floods every year.

There can be ample scope for tourism promotion in the district if the road links with Mithila, a place of religious and cultural importance for both Nepal and India, said Puspa Raj Chapan, a resident of Dhirapur VDC.

Sandip Sarraf, a member of Jaleshwar Chamber of Commerce and Industry said it was in the interests of the government to bring the road into full-fledged operation.