Reconstruction of the 300-yearold Siddhidatri Goddess Kot temple of Pulachaur in Beni municipality has been completed.

The reconstructed Kot temple – which is related to the historical Dadekot Palace of then Parbat State - was inaugurated on the occasion of Ram Nawami.

The then Parbat King Dimba Bam Malla used to worship the goddess as a symbol of power. He store his weapons in the temple.

King Malla routinely offered prayers to the goddess by constructing a Kotghar near Dadhekot temple. The temple was devastated in a fire that broke out in Dadhekot Palace.

According to a book titled 'Nepal's Brief History', Dholethan was the most powerful state under Parbat State. Then, King Malal used to govern the state from Dholethan during the summer, while Beni was made the winter capital, said historian Chandra Baniya while explaining several anecdotal evidences.

Locals have protected the Kot Temple located near the palace.

The Kot has various archaeological materials, including stone-carved idols and antique weapons.

It has not been established who renovated the temple after the fire, but the locals had placed the idol of the goddess in a bid to preserve the archaeological importance of the area in 1967, said Temple Renovation Committee Chairperson Ram Prasad Poudel.

The artistic temple was reconstructed in 2019. The temple houses the 50-year-old idol of the goddess.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 23, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.