3,000 bones in student’s home:CDO likely to take action

Tanahun, July 1:

A student of Ranigaun in Byas municipality-3 has set up a museum showcasing bones in his home.

Prabesh Poudel,17, claims to have collected more than 3,000 bones of animals, including human bones.

He says he has collected human bones and that of dogs, buffaloes, oxen, mice, snakes, snails, elephants, pigs and stags. “I have kept their skulls, legs and other body organs in my sleeping room,” he said.

He said he had kept the bones in his sleeping room to prove that ghosts do not exist. “I began to collect bones after my dog died in 2006,” Prabesh added.

Jhalak, father of Prabesh and a science teacher in a secondary school, said he started helping his son collect bones after he realised his son’s deep interest in the subject and that the bones could be used for his science lessons.

Prabesh says he wants to expand his museum into a research centre and expects support from everyone interested. Prabesh passed SLC this year and aims to study science in the college.

Chief district officer Kashinath Marasini said keeping animal bones is illegal. Assistant forest officer Govinda Pandey also said keeping bones of rare animals is illegal. “Keeping bones of elephants, rhinos, tigers and bears is prohibited by law,” he said, adding, “We will soon visit Prabesh’s home and decide what to do next.”