34 pc women victimised by kin

Chitwan, June 18

A study shows that 34 per cent women in Nepal are subjected to physical and sexual violence from their husbands.

The study carried out by ‘ Change Starts at Home project’ in Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Kapilvastu in the last 12 months showed that one out of four women fell victim to sexual violence from their nearest friend or husband.

Equal Access had launched the project in collaboration with Bijay Bikash Source Centre and Interdisciplinary Analysts. Equal Access’ Nepal programme officer Nabodita Subedi said that of the total number of women who have experienced violence; 70 per cent keep their plight to themselves without reporting to anyone.

Those women who faced violence shared about it with their family members, friends or neighbours.

According to the study’s findings, nine per cent victims share their experience with their friends, five per cent with family members, four per cent with the husband’s family and eight per cent with neighbours.

Equal Access launched the project to put an end to domestic violence.

Speaking at a programme organised in Bharatpur, Chitwan yesterday, Equal Access representative Binita Shrestha said that the project has been effective in encouraging open dialogues regarding violence among intimate partners and couples in the targeted communities.

As many as 72 facilitators were mobilised to mediate between 720 married women and men of Chitwan, Nawalparasi and Kapilvastu. Shrestha said that the project had empowered men and women to stand and speak up against violence.

Chitwan LDO Krishna Prasad Adhikari said that support and initiative from all sides were necessary to end inequality and violence.