4,318 Banke women trafficked to India, gulf countries in 16 yrs, 619 rescued

NEPALGUNJ: Banke-based Maiti Nepal regional office has stressed the need to develop a work plan at national level to minimise human trafficking.

Hundreds of requests from families flow in every year to carry out search for missing women.

According to Regional Coordinator of Maiti Nepal Keshav Koirala, the organisation received a total of 4,318 requests in the past 16 years to carry out search for women who had disappeared.

As many as 834 cases of missing women have been registered only this year. Of the total women missing, only 619 have been found while circumstances of the others are still unknown.

Most of the missing women were rescued from different cities of the neighbouring India, according to the data that was made public by the organisation here on Sunday. The majority of Nepali women who have been victims of human trafficking have been compelled to work as sex workers, said Koirala.

Women from various parts of the country have been tricked into going to India and gulf countries in the name of getting employment. It has been indicated that women are also involved in initiating human trafficking of other women.

Approximately 172 women rescued in the past 16 years have been provided with employment after being trained in skill-oriented activities as per the data by Maiti Nepal Regional Office.

“Human trafficking has been posing such a huge problem every year because the government, political parties, and civil society have not been adequately sensitive regarding this issue,” said Koirala.