Forty-five thousand metric tonnes of urea that Nepal had purchased from Bangladesh through government-to-government agreement, has now reached the country.

The said amount of fertilisers have reached the provincial offices of Krishi Samagri Company Limited provincial in Birgunj, Biratnagar and Bhairahawa.

As per the agreement, the Government of Bangladesh has to provide 50,000 metric tonnes of fertiliser to Nepal.

The remaining 5,000 metric tonnes of and additional 2,000 metric tonnes provided by Bangladesh will arrive in Nepal within a week, said Gorakhnath KC, manager of the Company's provincial office in Birgunj.

As per the agreement, Nepal was supposed to have already received the complete shipment of fertiliser. However, COVID-19 has caused the delay, said KC.

Unlike in the past where farmers faced scarcity of fertilisers, he ensured timely availability of the same during monsoon when paddy plantation begins in most parts of the country.