50 pc mums have mental disorder after delivery: Expert

Kathmandu, March 28:

About 50 per cent of the women experience a brief mental illness after delivering a child even in a normal circumstances, said Dr Kapil Dev Upadhyay, director of the Mental Hospital in Lagankhel.

“Women experience irritability, tension, and mood swing, which people in our society interpret with social beliefs. Some say that a woman laments having a baby girl, but it is a kind of mental disorder caused by the fall in hormone level,” Dr Upadhyaya told this daily today. After the delivery of the child, 50 per cent women go through the post-partum blues, a kind of mental illness that is seen on the third or fourth day of the delivery and could last for some days.

Dr Upadhyay said hormone level is high during pregnancy that suddenly falls down after delivery and it can cause different types of disorders in women’s body like maternal blues, post-partum depression and post-partum psychosis.