60 polling stations highly sensitive

LIWANG: Out of 80 polling stations in Rolpa district, the government has identified 60 as highly sensitive, 15 as sensitive and five as normal, said Rolpa District Police Office Inspector Sudarshan Panthi. He said the police were checking passengers entering the district.“We want people to cooperate with us, and not get irritated when security personnel check their baggage,” he said.

The government has deployed 901 temporary police, 513 Nepal Police and 268 additional police personnel, including 22 inspectors, in the district for the upcoming election. Armed Police Force and Nepali Army have also been deployed at sensitive locations.

Rolpa District Police Office has planned to deploy five police personnel at highly sensitive, four personnel at sensitive and three at normal polling stations. Two quick response teams have been deployed in each rural municipality. One team consists of seven security personnel. Three QRTs have been deployed in an urban municipality. Each such team will be led by two inspectors. The district has nine rural municipalities and one urban municipality.