7 drinking water projects initiated in Tehrathum

TEHRATHUM: Construction of seven drinking water projects has been initiated simultaneously in Tehrathum, a hilly district in the Province 1 of eastern Nepal.

The projects are supported by the Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Fund Development Board and coordinated by the district-based Deurali Society, a non-governmental community development organisation. It is expected to be completed by the end of 10 months and they will be beneficial for 746 households residing at six different wards.

According to the Society Director Kapil Dev Singak, various drinking Water projects were launched together for the purpose of addressing problems caused by the shortage of drinking water in dry settlements in the district.

Two drinking water projects Sapkota and Sakchuwa have been initiated in Simle, Phedap Rural Municipality-1. Similarly, Deurali in Hamarjung; Sodan in Sankranti; Aahaldanda in Sudap; Riththe in Isibu and Chapabote in Jaljale have been initiated. The projects will cost an estimated Rs 40 million, as stated by Society drinking water and sanitation officer Jeet Lal Limbu.

The Board will bear Rs 16.4 million while locals will provide voluntary labour worth around Rs 20 million for the construction of the projects. Besides, they have already contributed Rs 4 million to manage funds for the implementation of projects.