7-party alliance working on electoral system

Kathmandu, August 15 :

The task force of the seven-party alliance is working on the electoral system, which will come into force during elections to a constituent assembly to be held within a year.

However, the alliance may not take in the provision concerning the election system in the interim statute if there is no unanimity at the earliest. If that is the case, the interim cabinet will decide what should be the pattern of the elections.

“We are working on a model. While the Nepali Congress (NC) is for proportional representation, the alliance is yet to reach a consensus on the issue,” said NC central leader Arjun Narsingh KC.

KC was speaking at a function organised by the Nepal University Teachers’ Association (NUTA) in the capital today. He further said that work on the issue was “not going ahead at a desired pace.”

The alliance is behind schedule when it comes to making suggestions to the Interim Constitution Drafting Committee (ICDC) on a range of issues, including the electoral system the front would want.

KC, who is known to be lobbying for a proportional system of elections in the party fora, said that “we must go for such a model of proportional representation in which the parties have to come up with their list of candidates prior to the actual voting. If this is not done, favouritism in the parties will rule the roost.”