7 Summits Foundation has appointed four more members to its working committee, on Sunday.

The meeting of the Foundation appointed former Miss Nepal title holders Shrinkhala Khatiwada and Anushka Shrestha, national women's basketball captain Sadina Shrestha and mountaineer Mingma Sherpa as the four new working committee members.

According to chairperson of the Foundation A.C Sherpa, multiple agendas were discussed in the meeting. The ways in which the COVID-19 vaccines could be brought to Nepal were also discussed during the same. Similarly, the decision to provide three ambulances to Tapting, Ghorakani and Kerung villages of remote eastern villages in Nepal too was made.

Furthermore, the projects that could be implemented to reduce the effects of global warming in Nepal in co-ordination with American political parties and the government too were discussed.

According to the chairperson, as there is no basketball stadium for women in Nepal yet, the decision to construct an indoor basketball stadium in Kathmandu in line with Sadina Shrestha's proposal too was undertaken.

Sherpa, who has climbed mountains across all seven continents of the world, had founded the Foundation with the aim of supporting the women and children in need.