70 staffers barred from Singha Durbar

15 staffers deployed on three gates to ensure compliance with dress code

Kathmandu, March 27

Ministry of General Administration today refused entry to 70 government employees in Singha Durbar for failing to comply with dress code for civil servants.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of General Administration Kamal Prasad Bhattarai told THT that the ministry enforced the dress code for civil servants after issuing warnings a few weeks ago.

He said 114 employees, who had violated the dress code but whose violations were not serious, were let in with a caveat.

“Some employees’ shirts did not match the dress code, others’ shoes did not match,” Bhattarai said of the 114 employees who were let in.

“This is more about maintaining discipline in the government offices. If the security personnel can wear uniform while discharging their duty, why can the government employees not wear uniform?” he said, adding that enforcing dress code was necessary to send positive message to the public.

Bhattarai said the government provided annual uniform allowance of Rs 7,500 to employees and they were supposed to follow the dress code.

The ministry had deployed 15 staffers on three gates of Singha Durbar to ensure compliance with the dress code.

Bhattarai said the ministry had issued circulars and had also verbally informed the employees of its decision to enforce the dress code.