96pc work completed of 25MW Upper Dordi-A hydro project in Lamjung

DORDI, LAMJUNG: With the completion of 96 percent construction work, the 25 Megawatts (MW) Upper Dordikhola 'A' Hydro Project in Dordi Rural Municipality of Lamjung district aims to begin electricity production from April, claimed the contractor Liberty Energy Company Ltd.

The construction, which started in February 2015, is going on at a fast pace and will start generating power within April 12, informed Rajendra Basti of the project.

According to the site project manager, Suresh Joshi, construction will be completed within mid-April and the project will add 25 MW electricity to the national transmission line given that Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) timely completes the construction of sub-stations.

Joshi further said that 95 percent of construction of the dam descender and gate structure has been completed while the construction of head-race tunnel and surge clearance has reached the final stage.

Similarly, construction of canal and switchyard structures for the penstock pipe has also reached the final phase. The project is constructing gate at the dam, installing penstock and electromechanical equipment.

According to the project, construction of 2,623-metre tunnel and installation of 2,834-metre penstock pipe have been completed so far. It will draw water from the dam site in Dhodeni and lower it to the powerhouse in Chiti of the district.

The NEA will connect the power generated by the project to the transmission line at the under-construction 132kVA double circuit substation in Kirtipur.

The project, with the estimated cost of Rs 4.63 billion, has signed a power purchase agreement with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to sell the electricity to NEA at Rs 8.40 per unit in the dry season and Rs 4.80 per unit during the monsoon when the project will work at its full capacity.

The project, which depends on the current or force of water for electricity production, has a yield of 15.45 percent.

(Translated by Sandeep Sen; Edited by Priyanka Adhikari)