Abandoned siblings in Bajura struggle for survival

BAJURA: Four siblings in Boharawada of Budhiganga Municipality-6 of Bajura have been left on their own after their mother abandoned them following the death of their father.

The father of the four children, all minors, died in 2016 and their mother remarried last year leaving Lokendra Bohara (16), Tek Bahadur Bohora (11), Samjhana Bohora (11) and Bipana Bohara (6) in the lurch.

They are mostly dependent on the relatives and villagers while the eldest brother looks for work to feed his younger siblings.

Lokendra, who had dropped out of school after grade seven due to their father's death which left them without means, is taking care of his younger siblings by working in the village and local markets.

"It was easier to take care of the siblings when mother was with us," Lokendra said while adding that after it has been hard for him to manage things on his own after she left.

Their small house which is in dilapidated condition might collapse any day, which worries Lokendra.

"We buy food when I get some work while on other days we have to depend on the help of the relatives and villagers and wear used clothes provided by others."

Although the younger kids are going to school, it has been especially difficult to manage their uniforms and stationeries, he lamented for not being able to provide for his younger brother and sisters. Tek is in grade six while Samjhana is in grade four and Bipana in grade one.

"I also want to wear new clothes when I see others wearing new clothes, however, all I can do now is watch them from afar," Samjhana said, her eyes tearing up. "I had never imagined that we would be left without a mother too after father's death."

"I feel like crying when I see other children's parents showering their love on them," Samjhana said.

When Lokendra gets work, he manages food for his brother and sisters, on other days relatives and villagers provide them with food, a local said.

Mayor of Budhiganga Municipality, Deepak Bikram Shah urged all to help the siblings in need.