Three hilly districts in Sudur Pashchim Province – Achham, Bajura and Bajhang - have been facing power cut after flood and landslide disrupted the transmission, here.

According to Nepal Electricity Authority in Attariya, transmission in headquarters of other districts have already resumed.

While Achham and Bajura might take one or two more days for resumption, Bajhang will need more time, NEA official Jagadish Chandra Bhatta informed.

Landslides have disrupted more than 40 poles of 33 KV transmission lines along the road section from Bagthali, Bajhang to Chainpur.

Moreover, details of damage in rural areas are yet to be gathered.

Locals have shared complaints as electricity has also disrupted telephone and mobile phone services.

The incessant rainfall that had been witnessed last week caused damages to roads and highways connecting seven districts in the province.

On the other hand, 36% of the Sudur Pashchim province is still deprived of electricity.