The second meeting of the Coordination Council for Science and Technology Development has prepared a strategic action plan for implementation of the Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy, 2020.

The policy was endorsed by the meeting of the Council of Ministers on September 11.

The Council's meeting held today and chaired by the Council Chairman and Minister of Education Krishna Gopal Shrestha emphasised the use of social media to promote scientific awareness and eradicate superstitions and harmful practices from society.

The meeting has drawn up an action plan, which involves preparing documentaries, broadcasting radio programmes, organising street plays and holding high-level discussions two times a year by bringing the top leadership of the political, media, industry, business and academic sectors in a single forum in a bid to prioritise science and technology.

The action plan will be executed once it is approved by the Cabinet. Likewise, the plan has set out strategies such as promotion of indigenous and traditional knowledge and technology, adoption of scientific learning methods in school, consolidation of science education, running basic skills training in schools to increase students' attraction towards professionalisation and enhance effectiveness of research and development works.

On the occasion, Council Chair and Education Minister Shrestha said, "Since science and technology play a vital role in ushering in prosperity, cooperation among all the ministries concerned and bodies is vital for implementation of the action plan." He reiterated that the government would give priority to education, science and technology as it was necessary to implement the action plan at the province and local levels.

National Planning Commission member Usha Jha stressed the need to increase investment in science and technology along with capacity enhancement for implementation of the plan.

A version of this article appears in the print on March 18, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.