Adikabi’s house awaits reconstruction

TANAHUN: Chudi denizens have expressed concern that the house belonging to Adikabi Bhanubhakta Acharya, which was burnt some six years ago, has not been reconstructed.

Villagers have accused Bhanu Birth Place Conservation Committee of doing little to renovate the building. The house, which was remade in 1998 for screening a movie called Bhanubhakta, was destroyed in a fire in 2003. Muktinath Acharya, one of the descendants of the great poet, said, “We want to see the house in its antique form.” He suggested building a replica of the house near the original site if the ruins could not be reformed.

Pratap Malla, executive director, BBPCC, said, “We have kept all the materials recovered from the house safely.” He added they lacked resources to reconstruct the house.

Chudi locals said the committee had been defunct thanks to political appointments in its top ranks. According to the committee officials, the government allocated only Rs 3 lakhs this year instead of the usual Rs 18 lakhs per annum.

Somnath Pandit of Bhanu VDC accused the office-bearers of not following the committee spirit. Appointment of litterateurs in the committee has also been demanded.

The local residents are worried that Bhanubhatka’s birthplace was losing in significance. They have demanded the construction of a park at Shikharkot.