‘Diarrhoea under control now’

SURKHET: Health officials claimed that the deadly diarrhoea

in Jajarkot district is now under control. The officials’ claim comes as nobody has lost their lives in the epidemic in the district within the past five days.

Dr Krishnahari Subedi, chief, Jajarkot District Public Health Office, informed that no one has died in the outbreak in the district since August 12. Subedi added that the number of diarrhoea patients have also decreased in the health camps.

“The epidemic is under control now as there are no deaths due to the disease and the number of patients in health facilities is also decreasing,” he said. “The otherwise busy health workers deployed in the affected areas are now free due to sporadic arrival of patients.”

A medical doctor of Nepali Army health unit, Niraj Basanta Tulachan, also seconded the claim.

According to Tulachan, who had visited more than a dozen camps treating patients, some health camps had been shut as no patient was visiting them. “We’ve started searching patients now along with health awareness campaign in the affected villages.”

According to DPHO, 25,000 diarrhoea patients have been treated in the district so far. Number of camps has also been reduced with the decrease in patients.

“The health camps are run in Daha, Thalaha, Dalli, Dandagaun, Pajura, Bhagwati and Majkot, Thalaraiker and Sakla area now,” said Subedi. Earlier, such camps were set up in 25 places.

Meanwhile, Jajarkot Chief District Officer Khyam Bahadur Thapa also claimed to have brought the epidemic under control. “However, we’ve directed the health workers not to leave the health facilities immediately as the outbreak may erupt again,” he said. He further informed that they had directed the health worker not to stay on leave before Dashain holidays begin after about a month.

Declare health emergency: UCPN-M

KATHMANDU : The main opposition UCPN-Maoist on Monday urged the g

overnment to declare health emergency in diarrhoea hit four far and mid-western districts of Jajarkot, Rukum, Dailekh and Achham.

In a letter of information addressed to the Prime Minister, the party said, “The increasing number of deaths has raised a question of translating the words of New Nepal into action. Therefore, the government should immediately push the strategy to make these districts diarrhoea-free in a sustainable way.”

UCPN- Maoist also appealed to the government to do needful for the adequate food supply in far-flung districts. “We urge the government to provide a financial package of

Rs 1 lakh to each of the victim family, ensure schooling and nutrition of the children left orphaned in the epidemic and distribute foodstuff to the survivors for that should last at least for three months,” read the letter. — HNS