‘Govt will deal with miscreants’

Kathmandu, May 25 :

Accusing some “anti-democratic elements” of fuelling unrest in the name of religion and public health, Minister of State for Information and Communications Dilrendra Prasad Badu today said the government is strong enough to deal with them.

“Some elements, which are working to weaken democracy, are deliberately fuelling riots in the name of religion and health. The government is ready to deal with them.”

Addressing an interaction at the Reporters’ Club, he also urged the people to stay away from the miscreants who use people’s sentiments to realise their vested interests.

Democracy stands for all religions and there will be no more prerogative provisions for any religion, Badu said, adding, “In Loktantra, we cannot side with one religion and sideline other religions.”

Meanwhile, he also said the talks with the Maoists are round the corner. “Now that the code of conduct for the talks has been prepared, the talks will begin as soon as we complete the formality of recognising it.”

“The historic proclamation made by the House of Representatives has paved the way for holding talks with the Maoists,” he said, adding, “The election to a constituent assembly will herald the formation of a new Nepal, where people from all walks of life will incorporated.

“The government is all set to implement the Working Journalist Act any time and secure jobs of media persons,” he said, adding, “A new media act would be framed on the basis of inputs received from the journalists, lawyers and other experts”.

“We hope that media will not have to engage in disputes with the government”.

Pointing that democracy cannot survive without strong and responsible media, he said, “We need to work together.”