GORKHA: The Alternate Energy Promotion Centre has successfully concluded “Rural energy for rural tourism’’ project in 40 districts across the country.
Thakur Raj Devkota, senior advisor at the centre, said the programme would be extended to the remaining districts in the days to come. “Rural energy can greatly contribute to tourism promotion in the country,” Devkota said.
The centre plans to build some 6,000 ovens across the country, said Mahendra Neupane of the Energy and Environment Centre. Ten micro hydro projects are under construction in Gorkha district under the rural energy and tourism programme, said Deependra Bhandari, an official at the Energy and Environment Branch, Gorkha, adding that the projects would generate some 400 KW electricity.
As many as 4,000 people are expected to benefit from the project. The centre also plans to build 1,000 improved ovens in Gumda, Lapu, Uhiya, Saurpani and Swanra in the district by