The weather influenced by westerly wind that was active since Thursday, is seeing some improvement on Sunday.

The low pressure system that had entered Nepal from Pakistan. has already made its way out.

High mountainous and hilly regions received rain and snow in last three days as a result of this system.

According to the Meteorologist Forecasting Division, there are no signs of development of any weather system for a few days now.

Kathmandu Valley experienced chilling cold on Sunday morning due to snowfall at hills surrounding it.

The minimum temperature of Kathmandu Valley dipped to 1.0 degree Celsius today which was recorded at 3.5 degree Celsius on Saturday.

The hilly areas of Province 1 are partly cloudy while other parts would remain clear throughout.

MFD further stated that the lowest minimum temperatures recorded today are at Jumla with -3.5 degree Celsius, Kathmandu with 1 degree and Taplejung with 3.5 degree.