Agitating parties seek tax waiver in Dhanusha

JANAKPURDHAM: The agitating Madhesi parties have asked the authorities, financial institutions and various service providers to waive taxes, interests, penalty and additional charges during the period of agitation in Dhanusha.

They have started sending letters to the government offices, banks and financial institutions seeking waiver arguing that the economic and other activities have paralysed for about two months due to the general strike in the district.

The letters signed by district leaders of various parties, including the ones affiliated with the United Democratic Madhesi Front, have been registered at the offices.

According to Pashupati Yadav of Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal, the parties have asked the chiefs of various banks, financial institutions and government offices to support their non-cooperation movement and waive the interest and penalty.

They have said they would initiate formal process for the waiver, he said.

Chief District Officer of Dhanusha, Kali Prasad Parajuli, on the other hand said that taxes and interest cannot be waived only because of the agitating side's demands.