Agitation, prohibitory order throw life out of gear in Saptari

RAJBIRAJ: Life of locals living by the East-West Highway in Saptari district has been through out of gear at the Koshi Barrage-Balan Bridge road section has been declared riot-hit for nearly two months.

The local administration in Saptari district had declared the section from Koshi Barrage to Balan River as a riot-hit zone after a man was shot dead by police.

The 45-km road section was declared riot-hit after Ram Krishna Raut, a local of Portaha, Saptari was shot dead while police were trying to resume traffic along the blocked highway.

With declaration of the riot-hit zone, more than five people were not allowed to gather around the road. Hence, the market areas in Bhardaha, Kanchanpur, Rupani, Kalyanpur among others along the highway have been affected by the prohibitory order.

Meanwhile, the agitators affiliated to the United Democratic Madhesi Front of Saptari and Sunsari districts have staged a sit-in protest at the Koshi Barrage.

Even though the festive season is around the corner, educational institutions, shops, markets, industries, government offices and banks have not resumed their operation due to the ongoing protests.

Locals have been complaining that the on-going protest might affect the preparation for the Dashain festival that is almost a week away.