Agriculture Knowledge Centre urges farmers to wait until DNA test result

CHITWAN: Agriculture Knowledge Centre urged the farmers, who have begun clearing the hybrid rice that failed to produce a yield in the district, to wait for some more days so that it would be easy to evaluate the loss.

Chief of the Centre, Rajan Dhakal, said, "It will be difficult to evaluate the loss for the compensation if the farmers destroy the rice." He also added that the imported hybrid rice named 'Garima' has begun yielding in some parts.

According to Chief Dhakal, it would take one more week to get the result of the DNA test of the hybrid rice. The compensation would be provided after the test. However, the farmers have begun getting rid of the rice, apprehending it would be late for preparation of the land for winter cultivation.

It is said the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock has assured compensation to the loss the farmers incurred with the imported species of rice.

The farmers in the eastern belt of Chitwan began clearing rice for it failed to produce yield. After rice harvest, mustard, beans and wheat seeds are sowed for winter crops.