Air foul in Sunsari, Morang corridor

Biratnagar, June 16:

Rampant air pollution in the Sunsari-Morang Industrial Corridor has been affecting health of the general people, a study report states.

Findings of the study, conducted by the Kathmandu-based Nepal Environmental and Scientific Services (NESS), were made public at a programme organised here recently.

The study found that air pollution has been directly affecting health of locals and has had a negative effect on crops in adjoining areas.

“Industries dispose of polluted water in rivers. Locals channelise waters of the rivers to irrigate their fields. Polluted water decreases yield of crops.”

“Some years ago, locals had demanded that wastes from industries and factories be disposed of properly,” the report said.

“More and more people are being displaced due to pollution. The level of air pollution in the MSIC surpasses the national standard,” according to the report.

The national standard of air pollution is 120 micro grams per hour per kilometre.

The NESS made the report public after measuring air pollution level at Tankisinwari and Biratnagar of Morang district and Duhabi, Sonapur and Dharan of Sunsari district.

Over 500 industries are in operation in the MSIC.