'Alliance for economic prosperity and development'

POKHARA: Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chair and Deputy Prime Minister Kamal Thapa has said that economic prosperity and development of the country was the common idea of the democratic alliance.

Speaking at an election gathering organised by his party in Chipledhunga today, he said the NC and RPP have come together in democratic norms and values, constitution and economic development. "This alliance is not directed against any party, but for the protection of democracy, national unity and integrity."

Stating that RPP did not have concern over the UML-MC alliance, leader Thapa however said that the Nepal people were alarmed by the statement of the leaders to enforce a presidential system and communist governance in the country.

The RPP Chair appealed to voters to vote for nationalist party candidates by rising above party interest in the coming elections.

Earlier, a rally from Nayabazaar passed through Mahendrapul before converging into an election assembly at Manavadhikar chowk.