Ambulances sold illegally in Jhapa

Jhapa, March 23

It has been found that ambulances imported with tax exemption are being traded illegally in Jhapa.

According to sources, of the total 114 ambulances imported with service motive under the provision of tax exemption, 33 have been sold to secondary persons and organisations.

While some locals questioned the sincerity of various organisations operating ambulances, others criticised the discrepancy in the fees that ambulances charge for service.

Nepal Red Cross Society Jhapa chapter President Lokraj Dhakal condemned the unethical practice. “As the law of the land doesn’t have any provision allowing the sale of ambulances, such an act is out-and-out illegal,” he said, adding, “Anyone or any organisation providing emergency service should not ignore the standard code of conduct.”

Chief District Officer Madan Bhujel, who is also coordinator of Ambulance Management Committee, pledged action against any organisations involved in the sale of ambulances.

“We will launch a study on the condition of ambulances in the district,” said CDO Bhujel, adding, “We will not spare anyone found importing ambulances under tax exemption and selling them for hefty amount, or not providing the service as per the code of conduct.”