Amendments possible: Rai

Bhojpur, December 28

Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai today said the newly promulgated statute was the people’s constitution.

Speaking at a programme organised by District Development Committee Bhojpur, Minister Rai held that since the new constitution was written and promulgated by people’s representatives, the public should take ownership of the charter.

He remarked that the statute had institutionalised democracy and republicanism to meet people’s aspirations.

“It is an excellent statute as it has guaranteed republicanism and democracy,” he said. Stating that the statute had not discriminated between the people of hills, mountain and Tarai, Rai stressed the possibility of amendments to incorporate the missing points.

He also urged the public to help to implement the charter as it’s their responsibility too. He said unlike the past constitutions, the new statute had succeed in addressing the country’s diversity.