Nepal | June 16, 2019

Women rights ensured in new constitution: Speaker Gharti

Rastriya Samachar Samiti
Speaker Onsari Gharti speaking about women rights in Dillibazaar Multiple Campus

Speaker Onsari Gharti speaking at a programme in the 36th anniversary of the Dillibazaar Multiple Campus, in Kathmandu, on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. Photo: RSS

KATHMANDU: Speaker Onsari Gharti said the new constitution has addressed most of the women rights at a programme in the 36th anniversary of the Dillibazaar Multiple Campus on Tuesday.

Speaker Gharti further said no girl will regret of being borne as a daughter in Nepali society when the constitution is fully implemented.

She added that the constitution has sufficient provisions for women empowerment, paving a way towards their prosperous future. It was possible due to the struggle and contribution of the women leaders who fought for women rights, she argued.

Moreover, Speaker Gharti urged all women to move ahead as the women’s victory to the posts of President and Speaker, has inspired all. It is, however, not enough.

In the programme, Minister of State for Land Reforms Bikram Bahadur Thapa said the campus had a notable contribution to the education and empowerment of the women.

Campus management committee members, Homnath Dahal and Sabitra Bhusal, praised the role the campus has played in the women education.

There are about 1,600 students in the campus.

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