An ardent Muslim Chhath observant

Birgunj, November 16:

An ardent Muslim Chhath observant Hafeez, a Muslim and resident of Ghariarwa in ward 13 in Birgunj sub-metropolis of Parsa district, has been observing Chhath puja to the point of keeping the mandatory fast before the Argha, the sunset offering to the Sun god. Hafeez has left even strict Hindus amazed and they admit being amazed .

For Tarai residents, Chhath is the major festival where offerings are made to the Sun god.People from Tharu, Maithil, Bhojpuri and Marwari communities celebrate it with with gusto. Muslims living in the Terai also join in.

Bijay Saraf of Birta Tole said Chhath is celebrated to ensure the health and wealth of the household and women especially observe fasting and offer prayers and Argha to the Sun deity to ensure that their husbands have a long and happy life.

Ghariarwa Lake, Ranighat, Murli Pokhari, Nagwa Pokhari and Sirsiya River banks have been decked up like brides. However, the number of devotees this year has reduced due to the recent threats of the Tarai Army to detonate blasts near the places of congregation.