Mahendranagar, February 10 :

The brawl that occurred on Siddhanath Multiple Campus in Mahendranagar yesterday was result of hooliganism by the CPN-UML-affiliated ANNFSU, the Maoist-affiliated ANNISU-R has claimed. Issuing a release today, ANNISU-R district chairman Birendra Chand said: “ANNFSU members tried to attack ANNISU-R members just to save their own existence on the campus.” Claiming that the ANNFSU students attacked first and that the ANNISU-R students only retaliated, the statement also urged all students to reopen the campus.

However, ANNFSU central member Bachan Bahadur Singh said yesterday’s incident occurred due to the ANNISU-R and the campus chief against the decision of the Free Students’ Union. He alleged the revolutionary students were carrying arms.