Anti-drink driving campaign launched

Chitwan, December 11

Chitwan police have launched a crackdown on people driving under the influence in the district.

After the District Police Office Chitwan began its campaign, even high government officials have faced police action.

SP Basant Bahadur Kunwar of Chitwan said many people, including senior government officers, businessmen, doctors, engineers, and CEOs of banks had been prosecuted for drink-driving in the current fiscal year.

SP Kunwar said their campaign against drink-driving had borne fruit. “The arrests of powerful and influential people driving under the influence have gone up,” added Kunwar. “I am ready to face consequences, but I will not spare anyone driving under the influence,” he said.

Chitwan CDO Binod Prakash Singh said though the people used their connections to get off the hook in the beginning of the campaign, such incidents had declined now.

As of yesterday, as many as 488 people have been arrested on the charge of drink driving in the current fiscal.

Chitwan District Traffic Police Office Chief Inspector Rajan Bhetuwal said they had collected around five lakh rupees in revenue from people arrested for drink driving.