Health authorities in Bajura are preparing to run a vaccination drive against typhoid.

According to District Health Office chief Dayakrishna Panta, the vaccination drive in the district will run from April 17 to 21 as per the 24-day nationwide vaccination campaign from April 8 to May 1.

"As per the campaign, 59,038 children aged 15 months to 15 years in the district will be vaccinated," Panta said, adding that preparations to select and train manpower for the vaccination drive and to run vaccination centres had finished.

Bajura Health Office information officer Mahesh Chanda said once the drive is over the vaccine will be also adopted as a regular vaccine. "After the vaccination drive is over, the vaccine will be adopted as a regular vaccine, meaning every child, upon attaining 15 months, will be given this vaccine," he said.

For the vaccination drive, some 348 vaccination centres have been set up at various health facilities and schools.

Some 348 health workers and 676 volunteers will be mobilised.

As per ,data over the past five years, 450,000 people suffered from typhoid on average every year.

A version of this article appears in the print on April 8, 2022, of The Himalayan Times.