The Supreme Court (SC) on Sunday issued an interim order to not appoint former Minister Yuvaraj Karki as Nepal's Ambassador to Bahrain.

Earlier, a meeting of the Council of Ministers on May 8, 2021 had recommended Karki's appointment for the post.

However, after hearing a writ against the government's decision, an interim order has been issued by SC directing the government to not proceed with the recommendation.

A joint bench of Justices Sapana Pradhan Malla and Prakash Kumar Dhungana issued the order citing disqualification based on educational grounds.

The government had recently amended the ambassadorial appointment directive, stating those that have served as ministers in the past do not require to hold a bachelor's degree.

The directive originally stipulated that ambassadorial candidates must have at least an undergraduate degree.

Last week, the SC had issued another order against the government's amendment.

Since the amendment in the directive had been decided against by the Supreme Court, and former Minster Karki does not meet the the existing criteria to be an ambassador, his appointment, as such has been scrapped.