APF staffers turn rogues

DHANGADHI: Armed Police Force personnel deployed for border security at Trinagar entry point are allegedly extorting money from Nepali and Indian nationals crossing the border. The APF team was deployed at the check-point on January 14 to curb illegal activities.

A local, Ramesh Bhandari, said, “I bought five kg potato and 10 kg sugar from across the border. An APF constable demanded Rs 100, but later settled for Rs 40.”

Hari Bahadur Saud of Accham who was returning from Gaurifanta in India claimed he was forced to cough up Rs 50 for two reams of photocopy paper. He said, “The APF personnel demanded Rs 250, but I refused to pay. Then he settled for Rs 50.” The APF personnel also demand money from Nepali migrant workers returning from India.

Kalyane BK of Jahare, Surkhet, who returned from Maharastra, India, said, “I told the APF personnel that I only had my personal belongings in my bag, but he refused to relent. He demanded Rs 200 to set me free.”

Staffers at Trinagar Customs Office have not been spared either. A staffer at the office said, “APF personnel openly demand money and often pick quarrel with customs staffers. The other day, while one of our colleagues was making a receipt of a colour television imported from India, an APF staffer stopped him saying the television belonged to his officer. “

Meanwhile, acting chief of APF border security force, Dhangadhi, DSP Nirankarnath Sukla expressed ignorance about the activities. He said, “I don’t have any information about such activities. If APF staffers are involved in such activities, they will be brought to book.”