Arms and ammunition case filed against Acharya

Biratnagar, May 8

An investigation has started into religious leader Shreeniwas Acharya arrested for staging his own shooting after he was remanded to custody for ten days.

District Police Office Morang remanded Acharya to 10-day custody in arms and ammunition case. Acharya was arrested yesterday from Kathmandu while he was preparing to fly to New Delhi after he came to know he was going to be arrested. Acharya was shot in the wee hours of April 9 in Biratnagar.

Police involved in the investigation for the last one month claimed that Acharya was shot as per his own design. Police had made public Acharya with two others involved in the shooting. Police have arrested Madhav Chaudhary and Laxmiraj Adhikari for abetting Acharya.

Madhav had opened fire on Acharya while Adhikari had supplied the pistol and bullets to Acharya. Police findings show that Acharya had staged the shootout to soar to fame. A murder case has been filed against Chuadhary and Adhikari.

Acharya is in police custody. He did not have anything when he was brought to the DAO from police custody for remand. Police said Acharya refused to eat anything. His condition is weakening, police said. When he was brought to the DAO, CDO Ram Prasad Acharya had suggested that he eat fruits and drink water, but he refused.