Arms supervision clause ‘objectionable’

Kathmandu, November 26:

Speaker of the dissolved House of Representatives (HoR) Taranath Ranabhat today welcomed

the understanding for peace between the seven agitating political parties and the Maoists. He,

however, objected to a clause in the 12-point understanding between the two sides that says

arms (belonging to the Royal Nepalese Army) should be kept under the supervision of the United Nations during elections to be held to a constituent assembly.

“How far is it practical for an independent country to keep its arms under a third party

supervision?” Ranabhat asked. He was talking to journalists after a formal programme in the capital. “This is not practical,” he said, adding, “How could the senior leaders in the seven- party alliance say so?

The Speaker also said that the King must begin a process of reconciliation to end the current turmoil. Ranabhat further said Nepal must maintain a balanced attitude towards both her neighbours — Indian and China.