Army wraps up rescue, relief operation


The Nepali Army on Thursday said all its personnel deployed in post-earthquake rescue, relief and rehabilitation operations had returned to their barracks.

The army had launched Operation Sankat Mochan right after the devastating 7.6 Richter earthquake that rattled the country of April 25. Upon recommendation from the Cabinet, the President had approved mobilisation of the army till on Thursday for rescue and relief operations.

Almost 9,000 people died in the earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks that shook the country.

The Department of Public Relations of NA said its personnel deployed in the districts hit by the quake had contributed to bringing normalcy back to life in the post-quake scenario with their involvement in search, rescue, relief and debris management activities.

The national force also made it clear that personnel deployed in the debris management joint task force of the government and those deployed at heritage sites had not been called back.

The NA said it would take on any responsibility in national reconstruction campaign.