Rajbiraj, January 29:

Cadres of the seven agitating parties held in custody at the regional police unit office, Rajbiraj, have started a hunger strike from today. They were arrested by the police at the Shirprad rally in connection with their call on January 26 to boycott polls.

Citing that 25 out of 33 have fallen sick, and that they are not being provided medicines and proper sanitation facilities, the cadres organised the hunger strike, said a human rights activists, Sujit Kumar Pokharel.

They also protested that even after they were served with the notice for three months’ imprisonment, they are being detained in the godown instead of jail.

However, chief district officer, Tilakram Sharma, said the reason for their detention in the regional police office unit was the lack of space in the prison and they will be presented to the court on Monday.