Shakya is the first woman provincial government head


Senior CPN-UML leader Ashtalaxmi Shakya is all set to be sworn-in as the new Chief Minister of Bagmati Province.

With outgoing CM Dormani Paudel announcing his resignation, Shakya was elected the leader CPN-UML's parliamentary party in the provincial assembly, thus paving way for her appointment as the head of the Bagmati government.

CM Shakya is the first woman to become the head of a provincial government in Nepal.

Her appointment came on the same day as the big split of the once two-thirds majority strong CPN-UML.

Shakya, who belonged to the Nepal-Khanal faction {now CPN-UML (Socialist)}, of the UML, was made the parliamentary party leader when Madhav Kumar Nepal was headed to the election commission to file application for registering the new party.

Her appointment has thus secured the UML's continuity in the province.