Meet 119-year-old Batuli Lamichhane from Thansingh of Kakani Rural Municiaplity-8 in Nuwakot district who is likely to get her name registered in the Guinness World Records as the eldest person alive in the world.

Born on 23 March 1903 to mother Devi Kumari Tiwari and father Jaya Narayan Tiwari at Giranchaur of Melamchi Municipality of Sindhupalchowk district, the centenarian woman was granted citizenship identity card by the District Administration Office, Nuwakot, on 3 May 2013.

Batuli, who enjoys robust health even at this old age, feeds on semi-liquid diet. Her hearing and sight are still intact and still interacts with her family members through gestures and facial expressions.

Medical tests were conducted and the test results attested her age as the eldest living person in the world. Preparation was in the last phase to submit her name as the oldest living person in the Gunnies World Records.

According to the Gunnies World Records, until recently the Japanese woman Kane Tanaka, aged 118 years, was the oldest surviving person in the world. She died recently.

Due to the delay in archival, Batuli, who is elder to the Japanese woman, lagged behind in being recognised as the eldest person alive, opine senior citizen activists.

Her caretaker 81-year-old son Netra Prasad Lamichhane shared that his mother was still active physically and would take a walk in and around houses in support of a stick.

They have been keeping a close eye on their mother to facilitate her in her daily routine works and to prevent her from any injury and bruise. Although free from major health issues, she runs fever occasionally, according to her daughterin-law Ishwori Lamichhane.

The centenarian woman from Nuwakot was recently feted in an event that lasted for nearly five hours. She was the sole cynosure in event largely because of her age as well her childlike behaviour. She would flash toothless smile to anyone who would greet her and ask her about her well being.

Bagmati Province Assembly member Badri Mainali dubbed Batuli as the 'Living Goddess' and said that if the record relating to Batuli was maintained, it would add to the name and fame of the country.

According to him, he was also facilitating the process to get Batuli's name enlisted in the Guinness World Records.

There are estimated 4,000 people above 100 years in the country and senior citizen activist Mohan KC demanded that there should be institution for gerontology studies and special hospital for elderly people.

A version of this article appears in the print on October 30, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.