Attach more of Dixits’ land, govt told

Kathmandu, June 9

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority has asked the government to attach property owned by Jagadamba Databya Aushadhalaya (charitable dispensary) and Madan Dhara Samiti across the country.

The anti-graft body took a decision to this effect yesterday.

According to a release issued by the CIAA, late Jagadamba Kumari Rana had, through a deed signed on July 18, 1958, given 40,000 company (Indian currency) to her secretary Kamal Mani Dixit in order to establish Jagadamba Databya Aushadhalaya.

According to the CIAA, the queen had asked Kamal Mani Dixit to buy land worth 35,000 company, build a house with a budget of 4,000 company and buy furniture worth 1,000 company in order to run the office.

The anti-graft body said Kamal Mani Dixit, as per the wish of Jagadamba, had established a dispensary in Athrai Sankranti of Terhathum district.

According to the CIAA, Dixit bought 48 bigha, 12 kattha and 8 dhur land in Dulari VDC of Morang in the name of Aushadhalaya. Kamal Mani Dixit also bought 53 ropani, 13 ana and 3 paisa land in Nidhuradhin VDC of Taplejung district.

On February 13, 2013, the Department of Health wrote a letter to the concerned body requesting it to give validity to Jagadamba Databya Aushadhalaya and dissolve the Board of Directors that was formed in the past.

The CIAA said Jagadamba Databya Aushadhalaya, a charitable and social organisation, was changed to a company on April 17, 2014, at the initiative of Kamal Mani Dixit and this change of status was against the spirit and objective of Jagadamba.

“It is stated in the company’s document that the property owned by it can be sold or transferred,” the CIAA stated in its release.

Another organisation, named Madan Dhara Samiti, was also formed at the initiative of Kamal Mani Dixit and 7 bigha 12 dhur land was bought at Dulari VDC of Morang district in the name of the Samiti.

The Samiti was also registered as company on February 12, 2014, and the company’s documents stated that the land registered in the name of company could be sold.

The CIAA has also decided to write to the government requesting it to attach the land registered in the name of Samiti as well.

The anti-graft body also said that five ropanis and two ana land, which was said to be donated by queen Jagadamba to Patan College, Lalitpur, was transferred to Jagadamba Press and Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya. The CIAA said Jagadamba Press Pvt Ltd was owned by the Dixit family.

The CIAA also said it had written to the government on May 29 to take necessary action against Kanak Mani Dixit and Kunda Dixit for ‘concealing’ 17 ropanis and 13 ana land that was above the ceiling.

Kanak Mani Dixit refused to comment.