Awareness campaign to be launched

Himalayan News Service

Narayangarh, March 28:

The United Struggle Committee formed under the co-ordination of Chitra Bahadur KC, leader of CPN (Ekata Kendra-Masaal), Chitwan branch has dediced to support the agitation of the five political parties by launching the Village Awareness Campaign (VAC).

A press conference organised by the branch, informed that the campaign would start from Baishakh 8. "The campaign aims to create awareness on the prevailing conflict, regression and foreign interference in the country," said Anjana Bisankhe, member of VAC central secretariat. "The VAC will be launched all over the country," she said. "The best way to achieve a long-lasting solution to the crisis is by formulating a new constitution through the Constituent Assembly," stated the release distributed at the programme today presided over by Shree Ram Ghimire, chief of Joint Struggle Committee, Chitwan.