Bajura, January 16 Health workers have been facing problems treating patients due to lack of adequate space at Kolti-based Ayurved Health Centre in Bajura. The health facility has four rooms. Of them, three rooms are being used by staffers as quarters for long while patients are being treated from a single room. The same room is used for administrative and other works as well. Due to lack of rooms, equipment and medicines, among other things, have been kept outside the room. The steam box used in treatment of patients is also kept outside. Office Chief Shambhu Kanta Jha has used a room while Santosh Shah, a staffer, has been using another two rooms for personal purpose. Civil society leader Pradip Raj Jaisi said staffers were requested frequently to vacate the rooms as patients could not receive treatment from one room. Mayor Padam Giri and Deputy Mayor Shristi Regmi of Budhinanda Municipality were unaware about the problem. Regmi added she was not informed about the rooms that the staff had been using. “Budget has been demanded from the municipality to manage rooms so patients could receive the health facility,” said Deputy Mayor Regmi. Meanwhile, officer Ram Datta Neupane at the municipality said Shah has been using the rooms. “We have tried to convince Shah to leave the rooms time and again, but in vain,” he added. Chief District Officer Ganga Prasad Neupane said staffers should not use office rooms as their residence. He said he would inquire about the problem and would take initiatives to resolve it.