Badges for local reps made public

Khotang, July 15

District Coordination Committee, Khotang, made public the badge for local level representatives at the district assembly in Diktel today.

The badge has a specially designed logo.

The badge will be used by representatives of ten local levels in the district.

Member of the House of the Representatives Bisal Bhattarai, Province Assembly member Ram Kumar Rai and Usha Kala Rai made the badge public today.

It is claimed Khotang is the first district to introduce the special badge for people’s representatives of the district.

Bhattarai handed over the badges to DCC chief Babi Chamling and chiefs and deputy chiefs of all ten local levels. People’s representatives have to wear the badge during every formal programme and meeting.

The DCC meeting held on 18 September  2017 had decided to provide badge to the DCC chief, chiefs and deputy chiefs of the two municipalities and eight rural municipalities, along with official dress.

The DCC had approved the logo for the badge at the meeting held on 18 February  2018. DCC chief Chamling said that the dress code for male representatives would be Daura-suruwal, coat and black cap and for female representatives it would be chaubandi cholo, Sari and coat .