Bagmati Province Assembly meet on January 20


The seventh convention of the Provincial Assembly of Bagmati Province has been scheduled for January 20. A meeting of the provincial Cabinet convened today took a decision to this effect.

According to the province government Spokesperson and Financial Affairs Minister Kailash Prasad Dhungel, Governor Bishnu Prasain has been written to call the convention. The convention is being watched keenly as a no-confidence motion has been registered against Chief Minister Dormani Poudel from the rival Dahal-Nepal faction of his own party.

Earlier, after the no-confidence motion was registered, the chief minister had removed parliamentary party deputy leader Shalikram Jamkattel and whip Buddhiman Majhi from their posts. Besides, 30 PA members from the party were also told to furnish their clarification within 24 hours. Soon after that a PA meeting of the Dahal-Nepal faction had announced to remove the CM from the parliamentary party leader’s position.