Foreign employment app 'Baideshik Rojgar' launched

KATHMANDU: 'Baideshik Rojgar', the app that provides Nepali aspirant migrant workers with the information on migrant work abroad, has been launched.

The Sajha Sabal Media Pvt Ltd on Thursday made public the app coinciding with its fifth anniversary. Media's Editor Anil Adhikari said the app has been introduced targeting the aspirant migrant workers and thousands of Nepali migrant workers living abroad, manpower entrepreneurs and concerned stakeholders.

"The app will play a crucial role in finding advertisement for employment, information on the advertisement nature, information details on manpower companies," Adhikari shared to Rastriya Samachar Samiti.

He added that aspiring migrant workers from Nepal can get information on the demands of the destination country, the salary, companies' criteria and standards. The workers can get in direct contact with the concerned through the app, according to the editor.

On the occasion, Nepal Foreign Employment Entrepreneurs' Association General Secretary, Naresh Gelal noted the immense contribution made by foreign employment in the country's development. Referring to the new app, Gelal said, "This kind of work should have been done from the government's side, the private sector, albeit late, has done a good job."

Department Director at the Foreign Employment Department, Ram Kumar Thapa said the app will work as a bridge between the workers and entrepreneurs. He also pledged support from the department on necessary information to run the app.