Bajura family of three in dire need of help

BAJURA: A family of three residing at Kot in Gaumul Rural Municipality-5 of Bajura district is in dire need of financial assistance.

One of the locals Karna Buda said, their misery compounded after Bipura Buda, mother of two sons, eloped with another man in the village leaving them at the hands of her 36-year-old husband Desi Buda who is bedridden with paralysis.

Buda's sons -- Bikash (9) and Bipin (6) -- study in grades three and one respectively at local Kailash Primary School.

According to Lokendra Buda, cousin of Desi Buda, his lower body parts do not respond and he discharges on the bed.

Bikash said, "Father cannot move from the bed and our mother eloped with another man. We are struggling to make our ends meet."

We have not put on new clothes and eaten proper meals for years, Bikash added.

"We villagers have been supporting them, but we also have families to look after, so it's high time that the government take stock of their condition and extend support," one of the locals said.

Buda had sustained serious injuries two years ago while searching for work in India. Despite undergoing treatment, he was impelled to live with lower-body-paralysis.

"I am paralysed, two sons are too small and I am in dire need of support," Desi Buda appealed.