Bajura hospital without doctor

BAJURA: Health services have been adversely affected at Kolti Primary Heath Post (KPHP) after doctor working at the centre was transferred to other health facilities in line with the Employee Adjustment Act.

After the transfer of the doctor, there is no sign of his replacement till now, Lokendra Neupane, an auxiliary health worker at the hospital, said. "At least 80 patients visit the centre every day," Neupane added.

Due to lack of doctors at the centre many patients are compelled to travel to other neighbour districts for treatment in recent days. "We are compelled to refer patients to Nepalgunj and other districts," acting in-charge of the hospital and health assistant Om Jung Shahi, said.

Lack of health workers at the hospital is hindering in service delivery to the patients. Even one post of doctor at the hospital has remained vacant after his transfer to another hospital.

Even though the government has deputed three Auxiliary Health Workers (AHW) and Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (AMW) each, the hospital is catering services with one AHW and two AMW in recent days.

"Lack of doctors at the Kolti Primary Health Post, one of the model hospital in the area, people are compelled to pay hefty airfare to Nepalgunj seeking medical treatment, " Nirpa Raj Khatri, ward chair of Budinanda Municipality-1, lamented.

Janesh Bhandari, civil society activist, said, it's a shame that the government is unaware of the situation in the KPHP.

"We have been coordinating with the provincial and central government in bringing doctors to the Kolti Primary Health Post in the near future," Deputy Mayor Shristi Regmi shared.

As many as 50,000 people from Bajura and it's adjourning districts have been receiving health services from the KPHP in recent times.